Internet over a satellite phone

A satellite phone takes a different stance from the conventional phones or cell phones that we use in our daily life. Instead of the normal procedure, that a typical cell phone makes use of terrestrial sites, the satellite phones connect directly to the orbital satellites. Although, the working procedure of the satellite phone is a little different, they offer similar functionality as that of a mobile phone. It includes both voice and non-voice services. A satellite phone caters to specific regions but also offers the same functionality anywhere when need be.

For a inmarsat isatphone pro , the equipment they use is called terminal. Earlier, these terminals were designed in a manner that resembled the old telephones where one required to dial out a number to call a line. They were big in size and were heavy too. However, with time and recent developments the terminals reduced their size to match up to our cell phone units. In some cases, they have shrinked where one can close look will be able to distinguish them from today’s smartphones.

These satellite phones operate out best in regions where the cellular service is unavailable in general. The installation and the working principles of satellite phones can be seen at latest technology reviews India. The satellite phones make use of VoIP to achieve a two-way satellite broadband service that cuts down the costs like nothing else. In some cases, where the IP service satellite phones are used inside residential or commercial places, they might give poor signals. When taken outside or planted near a window or high in the roof, there is a fair chance that the signal reception gets better.

In some extreme cases, where none resolves the problem, the engineers might suggest the use of repeaters to achieve a better signal and response.

Satellites present in the geostationary orbit are used by a large scale of satellite phones. These hire a satellite phone are usually stationed at an altitude of 35,000 kms. In such cases, there might be a delay in the signal reception process or in achieving the desired signal quality. These systems make use of a high level of bandwidth which is much higher than the normal cell phones or smartphones we use. The satellite phones make abundant use of active systems (usually three or more as the case may be) which serves to provide certain portable satellite Internet  that is controlled by using  a simple sized terminal  and a laptop connected to the source.




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